Finance Deals that Make you Cash Positive from Day One

I-vision Lights save you a huge amount of money off your electricity bill - but hard as we try to make them as cost-effectively as we can sadly they aren't free!

However, thanks to the scale of the savings our lights make, we have been able to secure funding that allows you to pay for your new lights effectively using some of the savings you make on your electricity bill, and still have some left over to put straight onto your bottom line.

So by buying I-vision lights it means:

  1. You pay no money up front
  2. You make monthly payments that are less than you save
  3. Leaving you money going to your bottom line from day one
  4. And you're reducing your carbon emissions

Now we think that's not a bad deal.


Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting design will add value to any project, large, small, interior or exterior, private or public sector. At Ivision Lighting Solutions, we believe we can add value to any lighting project.

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Office Lighting

Good office lighting design will add value to the work-place and improve the working environment for your work force.

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Healthcare lighting

Our aim is to improve your Healthcare environment by reducing glare, increasing contrast, balancing light levels and improving colour perception as well as providing a solution that will significantly reduce energy costs.

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Architectural LED

In the architectural and entertainment market, the development of LED has awakened lighting designers to new posibilities. LEDs offer benefits such as compact size, long life lamp, low heat, energy savings and durability.

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